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CA - DE-9/9C
Quarterly Report
CA - DE-542
Contractor Report
IRS - 941 &
Schedule B
NY - NYS-45
Quarterly Report
TX - C-3/C-4
Quarterly Report

Bug Alerts

Bug reports should be sent to If reporting potential bugs in Qxtender or Qslip, please run the Tech Support Info Tool found on the Help menu and follow the instructions for emailing your system information.

Unresolved issues will remain at the top of this list. Resolved issues are in descending order by fixed date. Once the issue has been fixed, workarounds are no longer necessary and should not be used.

Issues with Red Dates are open issues. Issues with Green Dates have been fixed.

Date Reported Affects Description Workaround/Fix Date Fixed
10/28/2009 Qxtender QB Integrated App Mode:

"Certificate is invalid" error.

QB requires that integrated apps be code-signed with a valid certificate. We recently changed to a new certificate authority, "Certum". If you get the above error, the root certificate for Certum is not in your system's certificate store.

Run Windows Update, and at minimum select the option "Update for Root Certificates."

07/26/2006 Qxtender Payroll Plugins QB Integrated App Mode:

If you have employees that are exempt from Unemployment Insurance (UI), in which the employee has the "Subject to UI" box on the QB Employee setup unchecked, their UI Income Subject to Tax amount will be calculated as zero. If your state requires reporting total remuneration even if not subject, use workaround.
This is normally only found in non-profits that have elected Reimbursing Employer status.

Use one of the other data modes in Qxtender -- they all calculate UI subject wages without regard to the employee setting.

- and/or -

Edit the amounts for the employee to the correct values after running the Get Data step.

06/26/2008 (Before running the Get Data step, check the box next to "Calc ALL Wages for UI Wages - not QB UI Subject Wages.")
07/27/2007 Qxtender 2.23 and ealier updated prior to 7/31/2007

QB Integrated App Mode:

Symptom: An entire column of data such as UI Wages calculates as zero (0.00).

Cause: Unusual naming of accounts and other name type values in QB (such as having leading spaces or 2 consecutive spaces) causes matching of report lines to accounts to fail.

Use one of the other data modes in Qxtender.

- or -

Rename the affected accounts.

07/31/2007 (use Qxtender online update to obtain fix. Will be incorporated in installer for next release.)
05/18/2007 Qxtender 2.20 and earlier Online Updates:

When updating to Qxtender version 2.22 or later from 2.20 or earlier. The Online Update Utility will download the installer and Plugin updates on first run, but will not apply the Plugin updates.

After the downloaded installer completes, run Qxtender and launch the Online Update Utility a second time to download and install your Plugin updates. 05/18/2007 (Fixed in v2.22, so later Online Updates will work correctly)
02/9/2007 Qslip 2.00 Entering values into print position dimensional controls does not work properly. Use the up/down arrow buttons on each control to set the value. 02/13/2007 (Download latest version of Qslip)
08/24/2006 Qslip, Qxtender & Plugins Printing aborts with error message "Divide by Zero" when printing to some printers when certain other printers are set as the Windows default printer. Set the default printer in Windows to the printer to which you wish to print. 09/12/2006 (use Qxtender online update / download latest version of Qslip)
07/25/2006 Qxtender Payroll Plugins QB Integrated App Mode:

If your "payroll items to report" are not automatically selected during Step #2, after you manually add them you will need to enter the correct annual limit(s) and rate on the Reconcile tab page.

In QuickBooks rename the affected payroll items to match the names in the Payroll Items to Select list. This will allow the Plugin to auto-select the item. 09/11/2006 (use Qxtender online update to obtain fix)
07/27/2006 Qxtender Payroll Plugins QB Integrated App Mode:

If QuickBooks Preference setting to "use account numbers" on accounts is enabled, employee wages and taxes will not calculate.

Temporarily turn off this preference setting in QuickBooks, or use one of the other data modes in Qxtender. 07/28/2006 (use Qxtender online update to obtain fix)

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