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Prints Deposit Slips
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ShipTo Address
CA - DE-9/9C
Quarterly Report
CA - DE-542
Contractor Report
IRS - 941 &
Schedule B
NY - NYS-45
Quarterly Report
TX - C-3/C-4
Quarterly Report
for Windows
(including Windows 10, 32-bit & 64-bit)
version 2.60
(July 3, 2019)
Screenshot - Qslip 2.50

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New in version 2.50 and up:

  • Qslip can print complete deposit slips on plain paper, including the MICR line.
  • QuickBooks Online Edition import now supported.

Qslip also prints deposit information on your own pre-printed deposit slips - including 2-side formats. You can either enter the information directly into Qslip, or Qslip will read Deposit Summary export files produced by QuickBooks or generic CSV format exported from other applications.

Deposit Slip formats are completely configurable.

Information for Qslip 1.60 (and earlier) is available here.

Qslip is a 32-bit application (as is most current software). However, it can be installed and run normally on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

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