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Qslip - Current Features

Printing & Layout

  1. Prints to pre-printed business-size deposit slips (any size that will run through a printer).
  2. Prints complete deposit slips, including MICR line, on plain paper, using a Slip Background feature. Includes several built-in formats.
  3. Fully customizable list of deposit slip formats.
  4. Can print to double-sided, multi-column and QB Native formats.
  5. Printable deposit report.
  6. Option to print any combination of Customer Name, Memo Check Number or Bank Number on deposit slip in the Bank No. area.
  7. Prints on side 1: Date, Currency total, Coin total, Bank Numbers (see above) & Check Amounts, Checks total, Checks total from side 2, Sub Total, Cash Back Amount, Deposit total; plus rotated 90° Deposit total and Check count.
  8. Prints on side 2: Bank Numbers (see above) & Check Amounts, Checks total.
  9. Optional settings to print Depositor Name, Address & Account #, Bank Name & Address, plus an additional custom field on slip. Account and Custom can be rotated 90°.
  10. All the above fields can be positioned anywhere on the slip, or not printed.
  11. Dollar and cents amounts are positioned separately.
  12. Spacing between characters on amounts can be set to fit in pre-printed columns/boxes, or decimal and/or thousands separator can be used.
  13. Separate font settings for Date, Bank No, Amounts, Depositor Info, Bank Info and Custom field.

User-Entered (not imported) Deposit slip

  1. Full editing of Date, Currency total, Coin total, Cash Back and Check items.
  2. Can be saved to file.
  3. Saved files can be converted to a standard comma-separated format file (CSV) for import to Excel (or other spreadsheet application) for further processing. Two files are created: a detailed transaction file, and a summary by customer. See the Utilities sub-menu of the File menu for this feature.

Importing Deposit Information from Accounting Applications

  1. From QuickBooks - Imports the Deposit Summary created from the "Make Deposits" window, print to ASCII file option.
    Supports tab-delimited files from all noted versions.
    Supports QB99 and up cash back from deposit.
    Supports both 2 and 4-digit year formats.
  2. From QuickBooks Online - Imports a modified Deposit Detail report.
  3. From other applications - Imports comma-separated and tab-delimited formats.
  4. Date can be changed to match actual deposit date if necessary.
  5. Cash line items are combined into currency and coin totals.
  6. Bank Numbers and Check Numbers can be edited or added in the checks list, but only to existing checks *.
  7. Payer and amount cannot be edited *.
  8. Checks can not be deleted or added *.
  9. Currency and Coin totals can be changed, but integrity with Cash total is maintained.
  10. Cash Back amount is displayed but cannot be edited *.
  11. Can be saved to file.
  12. Items noted with (*) can be edited by selecting the "Make Deposit Editable" item on the Edit menu. This unlocks the imported deposit and makes treats it like a user-entered deposit. Please be aware that making changes to amounts or number of items after import can cause a mismatch in your accounting data.

Data Entry Aids:

  1. Qslip maintained customer list to speed data entry: recalls bank numbers on imported deposits, and performs auto-fill of customer name and bank number on user-entered deposits.
  2. QSviewer, a separate program included with Qslip, is a stay-on-top form that displays the customers/banknos in the Qslip customer list. It's handy to have this on screen when entering payments received in QB as a reference to which customers are already in the list (and hence don't need the bankno entered in the memo field).

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