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Quarterly Report

News - Dec 8, 2003

QB 2004 Support Notice for Qxtender

1. Export Mode using files exported from QB 2004 has been verified to work correctly with Qxtender without modification from the existing method. See Plugin help documentation for instructions.

2. Qxtender's Direct Mode access relies on a 3rd party component to read the QB data file. The target date for release of a new version of the component that can read QB 2004 data files is mid-January 2004. Due to the Jan 31 deadline for many State reports, we cannot guarantee that Qxtender will be updated in time to file your 4th quarter returns using Direct Mode on QB 2004 data files. You may wish to wait until the end of the month in case our Direct Mode update is released. Your other options are to either not upgrade QB until after filing your return, or use Qxtender's Export Mode (see above).

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