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News - Apr 5, 2004

Qxtender 1.40 released & all Plugins Updated

An update to Qxtender is now available that adds features to both Qxtender and most Plugins.

  • Print Setup now includes the capability to set Duplexing and Collating options for printers that support these features. This is primarily useful for turning OFF duplexing for tax report printing on a printer that is set by default to duplex.
  • CA-DE6, CA-DE7, CO-UITR1, NYS-45 & TX-TWC Plugins have a new option during the Get Data step to skip transactions that do not include at least one payroll item related to the subject state. This is useful when handling payroll for more than one state and the State Lived and State Worked employee filtering options do not produce correct results.
  • All Plugins now allow entry of Preparer information such as Title and Telephone Number, and print it on the report. This information is saved and recalled on next use.
  • The CO-UITR Plugin has been updated to the new form revision released by the CDLE in March.

 All components of Qxtender have been updated for this release, so the full application installer is required to run for this update. Be sure to install to the same location (folder) as your existing installation in order to preserve Plugin registration.


Perform this update by using the Online Update Utility in Qxtender, or download the Qxtender installer for new installations (see Downloads page).


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