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News - Jan 19, 2005

Direct Mode License for QB 2005 Support

Due to a substantial increase in the cost to license the component that directly reads QB 2005 data files, and other associated factors, we will no longer be able to offer Direct Mode support for QB 2005 and later data files as part of the Qxtender Plugin license fee. (Click here for an explanation of Qxtender's Direct Mode and Export Mode.)

Effective immediately, QB 2005 Direct Mode access requires the purchase of a separate license. Purchasing a Direct Mode upgrade provides you with a license to open the then current version of QuickBooks supported by Direct mode and all previous versions (this now includes existing Enterprise versions as well). It also entitles you to receive free Direct Mode maintenance releases related to that version. It is not an annual or time-limited license. You do not need to upgrade with each new version of QuickBooks unless you need access to the new versions. See the Qxtender Direct Mode Upgrade page for more information.

Qxtender will install with full Direct Mode access to QB 2004 and earlier data files. QB 2005 data files can be loaded and processed by Plugins, and the output previewed, but printing is disabled until an upgrade license is purchased and activated. Qxtender's Export Mode, in which data is retrieved from files exported from QB and supports QB 2005, is not subject to upgrade licensing and is included at no extra charge.

We remain committed to providing low-cost software and an alternative to higher cost payroll services. Qxtender's Export Mode will continue to provide users who value price over convenience a functional alternative.

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