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News - Jan 11, 2006

Qxtender 2.0 released

A new version of Qxtender is available as well as updates to all Plugins to accomodate the new version. A new form of Direct Mode access adds support for QB 2006.

There is no charge for this upgrade. Existing Direct Mode and Plugin licenses will carry forward.

The most significant change is to Data Modes, which determines how Qxtender and Plugins get data. Version 1.x of Qxtender had two Data Modes -- Direct Mode and Export Mode. Version 2.0 increases the number of Data Modes to five. What was previously called Direct Mode is now called QB Direct File Mode. For licensing purposes, Direct Mode is comprised of all three modes listed below.

DIRECT MODES (license fee required for QB 2008 & later):

  • QB Application Controller Mode: Qxtender controls the QuickBooks application and retrieves data from the currently open company file. Currently supports QB versions 2004 - 2006 (r4)
  • QB Direct File Mode: Qxtender retrieves data directly from your QB company data file. Currently supports QB versions through 2005 (r7), including Enterprise versions through 5.0.
  • QB Integrated Application Mode: Qxtender connects to the QuickBooks Integrated Applications interface and retrieves data from the currently open company file. (Plugins supporting this mode are pending)

OTHER MODES (no license fee):

  • Export Mode: Plugins read data files exported from QB & QuickPayroll (and other formats in some cases). Currently supports all current QB versions, including QB 2006.
  • Manual Data Entry Mode: no data is imported. Plugins that support this mode accept manual input of all necessary data.

Use Qxtender's Online Update utility to update to the new version, or download the installer from the downloads page.

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