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News - Jul 20, 2006

Qxtender 2.10 released & Plugins Updated

Qxtender 2.10 is now available, which adds implementation of a new Direct Mode -- QB Integrated Application mode. It retrieves data from the company data file open in QuickBooks by connecting to the QuickBooks Integrated Application interface (SDK).

For those of you using the QB App Controller with QB 2006, this should be a signficant improvement in ease of use and reliability.

This upgrade enhances your existing Direct Mode license at no extra charge.

Run Qxtender's Online Update utility to upgrade to the new version. (Plugins will be updated as well to function with the new data mode. All payroll Plugins support this new data mode. The CA-BOE-401 and CA-EDD-DE542 will be updated in the coming weeks to support it.)

=== Important notes for QB Integrated App mode ===

- The QuickBooks SDK currently only allows access to payroll data with an active (not expired) payroll subscription. This includes the one-time free payroll update available with new QB purchases.

- Certain payroll item information is not accessible via the SDK such as Tax Tracking, etc. When using QB Integrated App mode, payroll Plugins use the QB calculated "income subject to tax" amount for UI subject wages, instead of recalculating subject wages from compensation based on tax tracking, and allowing adjustments on the Special Setup tab page of the Plugin as the other data modes currently function.

- Since this data mode uses a new method of calculation, we recommend that you pay special attention to verifying the correctness of data.

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