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News - Feb 21, 2007

Qxtender 2.20 released & Plugins Updated

Qxtender 2.20 is now available, which primarily adds support for Windows Vista, but also improves security, usability and visual appearance on earlier versions of Windows as well.

There is no charge for this upgrade.

Users with existing installations of Qxtender should run Qxtender's Online Update utility to upgrade to the new version. (Plugins will be updated as well). For Vista, download the latest Qxtender installer.

Key features in the new version:

  • Administrator rights no longer required to enter license keys.
  • Administrator rights no longer required to check for updates using the Online Update utility.
  • Administrator rights are still required to download and install updates. In Vista you will receive an elevation prompt. A separate Qupdater process performs the updates with Administrator rights.
  • When purchasing an upgrade to an existing Direct Mode license or Plugin license from within Qxtender, your prior version license name and key will be pre-filled on the web order form after the Order Online button is clicked.
  • If the Windows DPI is changed, such as setting to use Large Fonts, Qxtender windows now size correctly.
  • Detection and warning if a second instance of Qxtender is started. If you run concurrent instances of Qxtender, changes made to preferences will be overwritten by each instance. Changes made in one instance will be lost if the other instance is closed after it.
  • Plugins now start with their last size and position.
  • Visual Themes in both Windows XP and Vista are now displayed properly.

=== Important notes regarding Windows Vista ===

Qxtender 2.15 and earlier are not fully compatible with Windows Vista. The Online Update Utility, Plugin Manager and License entry do not function as expected in Vista.

If you plan to do an "in-place upgrade" of Windows XP to Vista, you must upgrade your Qxtender installation to version 2.20 or later prior to upgrading Windows.

QuickBooks users should read the Vista Compatability information on the Intuit website.

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