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News - May 31, 2007

Qslip 2.02 Released

Qslip 2.02 is now available, which adds many new features and fixes.

Highlights include:

  • Deposit Slip side 1 and side 2 print orientation can now be set independently.
  • Option to select whether zero amounts print "0.00" or blank.
  • New list of Payment Method names to treat as CHECK type when importing deposit files (ie. "Money Order," "Travelers Check," etc.).
  • Capability added to set the location of the Slip Format Settings and Customer List data files.
  • QuickBooks Comma-Separated file format (*.csv) is now supported.

See the Revision History for more detailed information.

Please note: unlike previous versions, printed output is now partially obscured if trial period has expired and a valid license key has not been purchased and entered.

Licensed Qslip 1 users are eligible for an upgrade discount. Select the "License Qslip" item on the Help menu after installing Qslip 2.0 for discount upgrade information.

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