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News - Jun 27, 2007

TX C-3/C-4 Plugin ver. 3 released

A new version of the TX C-3/C-4 Plugin for Qxtender is now available. This new version adds a utility to create an ICESA format file suitable for electronic filing.

Per TWC regulations, beginning July 1, 2007, tax reports that have more than 9 employees must be filed electronically. If there are 10 or more employees to report, printed form will have a "FILE COPY ONLY" watermark. Use the ICESA utility accessed by the button on the bottom of the report tab page.

The ICESA format file created by this utility is suitable for use with the TWC's QuickFile application. QuickFile is a separate application developed and supported by the TWC. You must download and install QuickFile, and setup an online user ID prior to use. Once you have done so, this utility can be used to create an ICESA file from the employer and employee data collected by the Qxtender TWC Plugin. QuickFile will load, validate and upload the file (via the internet) to the TWC. See the TWC QuickFile website for more information.

See the Plugin's page for more information.


Perform this update by using the Online Update Utility in Qxtender, or download the Qxtender installer for new installations (see Downloads page).


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