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News - Oct 16, 2009

ShipTo Address Exporter Plugin for Qxtender Released

A new Plugin for Qxtender is available to provide export of hard-to-access ShipTo Address data in QB.

  • This Plugin extracts ShipTo address information from customer transactions in QuickBooks®, displays the information, and allows exporting to a standard CSV (comma-separated value) file for use with mailing applications, etc.
  • Why? Because QuickBooks only provides the means to export the two main customer addresses associated with the customer list. Additional ShipTo addresses associated with a customer record cannot be exported from within the QB user interface or even via the QB SDK. The only way to access them is by reading them from transaction data via the SDK.
  • ShipTo addresses are read from the following transaction types: Invoice, Credit Memo, Sales Order and Sales Receipt.
  • Date ranges can be used to limit the amount of data returned.
  • Exact duplicates are removed by this plugin. Further processing should be accomplished by manipulation in a spreadsheet application such as Excel, or bulk mailing application.

See the Plugin's page for more information.


Obtain this Plugin by using the Online Update Utility in Qxtender, or download the Qxtender installer for new installations (see Downloads page).


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