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News - Jan 3, 2011

CA EDD DE-6 & DE-7 Plugins to be replaced with DE9/DE9C for 2011

The California Employment Development Dept. is changing the requirements for wage and withholding reporting beginning with the 2011 tax year.

The summary information that previously has been reported annually on the DE7 form will now be reported each quarter on the new DE9. The individual employee information previously reported quarterly on the DE6 will be reported on the new DE9C form.

Forms due in April 2011 for the first quarter of 2011 must use the new format. We are in the process of having the new DE9/DE9C forms approved and expect to release a new Plugin that produces them in February.

Licensed users of the current DE6/DE7 you will receive discounted upgrade pricing.

Final 2010 reports (4th quarter DE6, and 2010 DE7) due in January 2011 should be filed using our current Plugins.

See the DE-7 Plugin's page or DE-6 Plugin's page for more information.


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