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News - June 21, 2013

Qslip 2.54 Released

Qslip 2.54 is now available, which adds new features.

This is a free update for all version 2 license holders. Simply download the installer and run it to update your existing installation.

2.54 Highlights include:

  • New Feature: Print output can be scaled per Slip Format. This is primarily useful when printing complete deposit slips if your printer's non-printing margin is cutting off part of the printing. See the setting on the "Printer & Formatting" tab page. Scaling is referenced from the upper left corner, so you will likely need to also set a Horizontal or Vertical nudge value to move the print image into the print area.
  • New Feature: Preference setting added for QB and generic imports: "Combine any checks with same check number." (default is OFF) This does not require the explicit "p" prefix of the other method to combine split checks.
  • Improved: Zooming in and out of preview has smaller increment and zoom state is stored for each Slip Format.
  • Improved: Command line parameters, which are also used with shortcuts, now behave correctly whether initially launching Qslip or passed to a running instance.

2.53 Highlights included:

  • New Feature: New value added to Slip Format layout for Bank Number End position. This position now controls truncation of any data selected to print in the Bank Number field (customer name, etc.) which prevents it from overflowing the item amount. It also sets the position of the dividing line between the Bank Number and Amount columns when built-in slip backgrounds are used.
  • New Feature: New sample built-in "Wide" slip formats added that provide more space for longer Bank Number field data (such as customer name).
  • New Feature: Utility added to the File | Utilities menu, "Create Desktop Shortcut to Current File/Format". The shortcut stores the path to the currently loaded deposit import file and the currently selected slip format. When run, the shortcut launches Qslip if necessary, then loads this deposit import file and assigns the slip format. Useful if you are printing deposit slips for multiple bank accounts.

2.52 Highlights included:

  • New Feature: Added "Built-in Style B with Report" sample slip format, which is similar to the native QB deposit slip format.
  • New Feature: Files saved in Qslip format now have an extension ".qslip" which is registered with the operating system. This allows directly opening the saved file.

See the Qslip Page or the Revision History for more detailed information.

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