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News - Mar 22, 2016

Qxtender 3.25 released & Plugins Updated

A new version of Qxtender is now available and all plugins have been updated. This is primarily a maintainence release. Except for the new version 3 of the IRS-941 Schedule B Plugin, there are no form layout changes or major functionality enhancements for this release and hence no charge for these updates for licensed users. See the product pages for more information.

Perform this update by using the Online Update Utility in Qxtender, or download the Qxtender installer for new installations (see Downloads page).

QB App Controller data mode changes:

  • QB App Controller data mode heavily modified to handle the QB UI inconsistencies in recent versions. Now supports up to QB 2016. This was done to enable support for the new Leads Exporter plugin coming soon, but also applies to other plugins.
    (We strongly recommed using Integrated App data mode in most cases).

Payroll Plugin changes:

  • The "Special Payroll Items" option on the plugins to override the default handling of tax tracking when using QB App Controller and Export Mode data modes has been removed. All data modes now use QB's calculated income subject to tax amount for subject wages.

 ShipTo Address Exporter changes:

  • Added capability to get all the addresses in each customer's ShipTo Address list in QB 2013 and later. This method is quicker than retrieving them from transactions, however there is no assurance that all ShipTo addresses in transactions were saved to the customer's ShipTo list by the user. And there may be addresses in the ShipTo list that aren't found in transactions. So we recommend enabling both methods to ensure you get them all.

IRS-941 Schedule B changes:

  • The form layout has been updated to the latest version.

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