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News - Apr 2, 2019

NY NYS-45 (e-file) Plugin ver. 11 released

A new version of the NY NYS-45 Plugin for Qxtender is now available. This new version incorporates the newly revised NYS-45 and NYS-45-ATT tax forms (rev. 1/19).

Gross Federal Wages and Total NYS tax withholdings are now reported as quarterly totals each quarter, instead of the prior annual totals on tax year's final return. This required changes to both forms and the Publication 69 e-file format.

This new version is required to file for the 1st quarter 2019 tax period, due in April 2019, and later reports.

As before, in addition to traditional paper filing, this new version includes the capability to produce a file suitable for e-filing wage reporting data via the NYS Online Services web upload method that was introduced in version 8.

This is a required upgrade from any earlier version.

See the Plugin's page for more information.


Perform this update by using the Online Update Utility in Qxtender, or download the Qxtender installer for new installations (see Downloads page). For version 7 and earlier users, this Plugin shows up as a separate download, "NY - NYS45 - Quarterly Report v11 [with e-file option]".


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