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ShipTo Address
CA - DE-9/9C
Quarterly Report
CA - DE-542
Contractor Report
IRS - 941 &
Schedule B
NY - NYS-45
Quarterly Report
TX - C-3/C-4
Quarterly Report


Qxtender - User Guide - Online Updates

Our goal is to keep full installs as infrequent as possible. Most plugins and components are only about 300KB in size. Now that they can be individually updated we can respond quicker to isolated issues, and keep you up-to-date with shorter download times and less hassle.

The Online Update Utility allows you to install new plugins in Qxtender, update existing plugins, and update Qxtender and its components.

No user information is logged by Qtools during this process. It simply compares the versions of application components and plugins on your system with a list of the latest versions on the Qtools site -- then provides the option to download and install only those items that are required or that you choose.

Select "Check for Updates" from the "Online Updates" menu.


The Online Update utility opens. Just follow the instructions in green at the top of the window.

Click the "Check for Updates" button.

A connection will be made to the Qtools update server, using your default internet connection. The status bar will indicate the connection progress.

(Note: If you connect to the internet via a proxy server, enter the proxy server information in the "Online Settings" tab.)


When the check for updates process completes, a list of available updates to Qxtender and your installed plugins will be displayed.

Checked items will be download and updated when you click "Get Updates."

Grayed-out checked items are mandatory application component updates.

Other plugins available from Qtools that you do not have installed will be displayed in a separate list.


The download and update progress is displayed in the lower right-hand area.

When it completes, update messages will be shown in the lists.

After closing this dialog, an update utility will launch to perform the install of the downloaded updates. It will require elevation to administrator rights in Windows Vista and later.

All plugins and most application components are installed "hot" and become immediately available without having to exit Qxtender.


Getting new plugins

To download new plugins, simply check the box next to the plugin in the lower list. Then click "Get Updates."


When no updates are necessary

If no updates are necessary to Qxtender or your installed plugins, the following messages will appear after them in the list.

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