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Qxtender Plugins - Entering License Upgrades


If a new version of a Plugin is released that is subject to upgrade pricing, the "Upgrade this Plugin" tab page will be displayed when the Plugin starts.

If you already have a License Name and Key for this version, enter it in the lower section and click the "Activate" button.

Your prior version license information is displayed in the upper section. You should use the same License Name if you decide to purchase an upgrade.

If you need to purchase an upgrade license, click the "Order Upgrade Online" button which will open your web browser and take you directly to the Qtools website upgrade ordering and information page for the Plugin. If you decide to purchase, you will receive an email shortly after purchase containing your License Name and Key. Enter it in the lower section and click the "Activate" button.


If you enter the appropriate License Name and Key correctly, the license will be activated. Otherwise you will receive an error message.

Possible causes for an error are:

  • Typo in License Name, which is case-sensitive. Check it carefully. You can cut&paste from your license email.
  • Typo in License Key.
  • Entering a prior version license.
  • Entering license information from a different Plugin.
  • Entering license information for Qxtender's Direct Mode.

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