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Prints Deposit Slips
Hosts Plugins
Qxtender Plugins:
ShipTo Address
CA - DE-9/9C
Quarterly Report
CA - DE-542
Contractor Report
IRS - 941 &
Schedule B
NY - NYS-45
Quarterly Report
TX - C-3/C-4
Quarterly Report


Qxtender Plugin Printer Setup

Printer tab:

Select the appropriate Plugin from the list.

Set the printer and any other settings.

If you get get unusual error messages while attempting to print, try selecting the "Do not apply these settings..." checkbox.


Alignment tab:

Click the "Test Alignment" button to print a target mark on a test page in order to set accurate alignment.

A target mark will be printed in the upper-left corner of the test page, which should be located 1 inch from the top and left edge of the paper. If it is more than 1/32 inch off, use the Nudge setting to correct.


Options tab:

Any additional printing options, such as font selection, are listed here

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