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Qxtender Plugins:
ShipTo Address
CA - DE-9/9C
Quarterly Report
CA - DE-542
Contractor Report
IRS - 941 &
Schedule B
NY - NYS-45
Quarterly Report
TX - C-3/C-4
Quarterly Report

Qxtender - Plugin Pricing & Purchases

Plugin Standard Pricing

Plugins are priced separately. Currently, new-user individual licenses for most Plugins are $29.95. There is no need to add sales tax, since this software is delivered solely by electronic means (per California law).

Qxtender provides Plugins access to data, and includes without additional charge a license for Direct Mode data access to QB 2018 and earlier data. Direct Mode access to QB 2019 and later data requires a separate license to be purchased. See the Qxtender Direct Mode license page for more information. Using Qxtender in Export Mode, some Plugins can access data exported from QB 2004 & later without purchasing a Direct Mode license for Qxtender. See the Qxtender Overview for an explanation of Direct Mode and Export Mode.

Why two separate licenses? Since tax agency updates to forms, our updates to Plugin features, and user upgrades of QuickBooks are on unrelated cycles, this allows us to charge for upgrades only when necessary for individual users -- saving you money.

Plugin Upgrade Pricing

Upgrade pricing is available to users who have previously purchased a license to a particular Plugin. The price depends on the significance of the changes required by the Tax or other Agency.

Minor Upgrades (FREE): This includes maintenance releases, bug fixes and adding minor new features to the Plugin; and simple tax form changes that do not require re-approval by the agency.

Moderate Upgrades ($12.95 to $15.95): Changes to the forms that require re-approval by the agency; substantial changes to the forms, even if re-approval not required; substantial changes to data handling required to produce the form; substantial changes to software features.

Major Upgrades ($19.95): Major changes to the output format; Major software feature update.

In general, there is no time-limit to a Plugin license. It is mostly dependent on the revision schedule of the respective tax or other agency. If there are only minor changes to the Plugin as specified above, it is possible to go for years without a paid upgrade. For instance, the CA EDD DE9 Plugin went from 2012 to 2017 between paid upgrades.

Free Upgrade Grace Period: Users will receive a free Moderate or Major upgrade if they purchased a full new-user license to a Plugin within 4 months of the release of a paid upgrade. Contact Qtools Support if you qualify and have not received your free upgrade.


All our software can be downloaded, installed and run in unlicensed trial mode. Please take advantage of it to ensure the software works to your satisfaction prior to purchasing.

Most Plugins have a fully-functioning 60-day trial period (note: Until a Direct Mode license is purchased, Direct Mode access to QB 2018 and later data files will function during the Trial period, however Plugin output will be restricted such as watermarked printing or limited export size.).

As with most software purchases, we do not offer refunds after purchase under most circumstances. Please see our Refund Policy for more information.

PayPal is now our primary means for receiving payment:

After the completion of your purchase transaction at PayPal you will receive 2 emails -- a payment confirmation from PayPal, and an email from Qtools Software with your newly issued License Name & Key (eg. $29E13C1B) that you will enter in the indicated box on the "Register this Plugin" or "License this Plugin" tab of the Plugin. This will remove the expiration date from the plugin.

IMPORTANT!: If you are an AOL or MSN user, or using other forms of spam filtering, beware that your SPAM filtering may incorrectly identify emails from us as SPAM. Add QTOOLS.COM to your Safe List. If you do not receive your registration email from us promptly, check your JUNK (BULK, etc.) folder.

Secure Online Payment

We recommend that you use the ordering process built-in to each Plugin and found on the "License this Plugin" or "Upgrade this Plugin" tab page of the Plugin. The links below will also display the ordering pages.

Contacts Exporter

Leads Exporter

ShipTo Address Exporter

CA-EDD-DE542 Contractors Report
CA-EDD-DE542 Contractors Report Upgrade (Must have existing prior version CA-EDD-DE542 license to order upgrade)

CA-EDD-DE-9/9C Quarterly Report
CA-EDD-DE-9/9C Quarterly Report Upgrade (Must have existing prior version CA-EDD-DE9/9C license to order upgrade)

IRS 941 Schedule B - Quarterly Report
IRS 941 Schedule B - Quarterly Report Upgrade (Must have existing prior version IRS-941-B license to order upgrade)

NY-NYS45 Quarterly Report (e-file/Print)
NY-NYS45 Quarterly Report (e-file/Print) Upgrade (Must have existing prior version NY-NYS45 license to order upgrade)

TX-TWC Quarterly Report
TX-TWC Quarterly Report Upgrade (Must have existing prior version TX-TWC license to order upgrade)

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