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Qxtender Plugins:
ShipTo Address
CA - DE-9/9C
Quarterly Report
CA - DE-542
Contractor Report
IRS - 941 &
Schedule B
NY - NYS-45
Quarterly Report
TX - C-3/C-4
Quarterly Report

Qxtender & Plugins - User Guide

  • Qxtender's QB Integrated App Mode data mode is the preferred method for accessing QuickBooks® data in direct mode.
Using Qxtender:
  1. Overview
  2. Setting the Data Mode
  3. Using QB Integrated App Mode to get QuickBooks data
  4. Using QB App Controller Mode to get QuickBooks data
  5. Using Export Mode to get QuickBooks data
  6. Switching between Data Modes
  7. Direct Mode License upgrade
  8. Online Updates (updating Qxtender and Plugins)
  9. Technical Support Info Tool (getting help)
  10. Managing Plugins (delete, revert)
  11. Entering Plugin License Keys
  12. Revision History
  13. Frequently asked questions
  1. Frequently asked questions
  2. Bug Alerts!
  3. Known problems & workarounds
  4. Errors trying to open a QB export file
  5. "...DLL out of date" errors after running Online Update utility
  6. "Certificate is Invalid" error when connecting to QB in QB Integrated App Mode.

Plugin User Guides:

ShipTo Address Exporter

CA - EDD - DE542 Contractor Report

CA - EDD - DE9/9C Quarterly Report

IRS 941 Schedule B - Quarterly Report

NY - NYS45 - Quarterly Report

TX - TWC - C-3/C-4 - Quarterly Report

  1. Bug Alerts!
  2. Important note about QB Tax Tracking

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